Everyone has their own catch-phrase. Some people know it and use it deliberately as they have nothing good to say. Some do not know but the phrase is stuck to them like chewing gum on the back. Everyone else can see it but the subject is unaware unless he is pointed out. If they use offensive words in their catch-phrase, life would be miserable. Take an instance of this phrase “Kuttey ki tarah”. People use it in many situations or emotions as anger, excitement, worry, suspicion, hatred etc. Let us create a situation on iota axis: An engineer is on date and her non-male, supposedly to be, better half ask her romantically “Hey Y, do you love this X” .Being born and brought up in society where Yash Johar and his films may be aptly compared to Krishna and Geeta, Y has lots of things to say but just comes up with nothing but his catch-phrase “Kuttey ki tarah”. And his love life which he has presumed to be a well-written book converts into a book with an acknowledgement page only “Thank you for coming”.

I never used to like these as it hampers the normal course of conversation. You have some healthy discussion and somebody comes up with some phrase, funny yet irrelevant, and the interest in discussion in lost. Social networking sites as Facebook is full of such things better known as “meme” and the pseudo-intellectuals, who in real life are rewarded with the word retarded, use them like they are salesman of it. Normally their motto becomes “You have good shit, we have bull shit and we will spread it until it stinks”.

But recently I have come across one such phrase “BABAJI KA THULLU“which have drilled down deep into my brain and the reasons being myself to be a  part of the fan club of Kapil Sharma, one of the great comedian of India, and the relevance of the word. By relevance I am talking about all the situations where you have done the uphill battle and all you get in return is good-for-nothing or Babaji ka Thullu. The word may sound to be vulgar but once you start getting the hang of it, you will appreciate its innocence. It is a satire that you use it on yourself. You know the insubstantial consequences of any event that yet you fight for it to get this “thullu”. From childhood to the day when we will lay in peace, we had and will be having this.

I have pen down some of the situations that we must have encountered in some form or other in different walks of life and always the answer is “Babaji ka Thullu”:

  • Childhood (since you are born in India) : “You burnt the midnight oil for the examination in hope of getting some gifts from your parents , secured good marks and came to your father with your mark sheet and what did you get in return?”
  • 11th and 12th class: “You lived a saint life your whole life and hoped to bring a revolutionary change by asking a girl out but everyone told you to crack the engineering exam first and then you will land in fairies’ paradise. You have worked head to toe, day and night but finally what did you get?”
  • Engineering college: “At the outset of the placement you realized that you learnt Newton’s law , studied the Einstein’s theories solved numerous chemical equations to join an IT sector.So What was the taught at the college?”
  • Companies:”You expected an appraisal and in race of competing better against your peers you worked hard ,understood the work and proved fruitful only to get a sad news from your manager that the year had been bad for the company and informed you not to expect any raise or hike. So the whole speech of consoling you was nothing but “Babaji ka Thullu”.

What is the underlying philosophy behind these three beautiful words? It is to accept the hard facts with a smile. Some wise man rightly said that “When life gives you lemon make lemonade”. Warriors have scars on their body. The number of scars reflects their struggle to achieve victory. The same analogy can be extended to these words. More the “thullu” in life more you have fallen and rose again to witness the next “thullu” until it is out of stock.

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I do BihariX

One day I was thinking that just like Punjabi people have their own jargon like “Let us do bhangra” or “Balle Balle ” do we have our own jargon: jargon of Biharis. Keeping aside all the productive work, I started searching the pages of my childhood to find anything that is culturally different from other. The search result gave me a null pointer exception. But whenever I met people from places other than Bihar and talked to them, even before I am about to utter my second word in introduction, they promptly reply “Are you from Bihar?” Is this some kind of sorcery? It took some time to actually come to the point that we are carrying our own jargon which is like invisible cloak to us but for others it is other side of the tunnel; they see it clearly. And it is assimilated so much into our character that it has become an integral part of ourselves. I couldn’t find any suitable word for it so like any student from mathematics background,I have named with X with Bihari prefix: BihariX.

An analysis of the visible properties of this unknown variable gives results in accordance to the observation of the people from other places.

  • Pronunciation is indigenous of this variable. People have “shame” to do the “same” mistakes or we have “same” to do the “same” mistakes. And this is replicated across languages. Treatment is “same” and yes we do not “same”.
  • All the elements of this unknown variable have been programmed that they have the lives of a tortoise. “Keep calm as you are going to live long”. “Chai” in one hand and burning roll of tobacco leaves onto other with an audience having the same property as the leader. Give him any topic. Season will change but not the enthusiasm of giving lecture.
  • Concept of small words is omitted. Every word is considered to be chewing gum. Unless you stretch it the feeling of oneness cannot come.”i” become “eeee”. So the small and dirty words like “shit” become “sheeeet”. You can never pass chit with them in examination. You have to pass “cheeeet” to them.
  • If asked about the town from where he/she belongs irrespective of the answer a reply would come “Ohh!! You are from Patna”. It is the default address of all the X people.
  • A common image that is carried among the people that among each family you will find an IAS, an engineer and 2 goons.
  • If X lands up in some private companies he will be cursed from all other elements except him/her that he is good for nothing. We have myths and myth buster but we tend to ignore the later.”Government job is only good job” is the myth and the myth buster is just ignored.
  • Government have passed the rule that legal age of marriage is 21 but in the land of X that age is  marked by the age when you land up into some job. So child prodigy may be a curse.
  • Parents of X may sometimes give you independence of choice with a star. And all the conditions that are applied make you like having an option between a silver platinum or gold cage.”See son I know this is the age of getting attracted to person of opposite sex .You go ahead but keep that in mind that he/she should be of same caste”. So if that situation is enacted it would get X embarrassed and other doing lingos such as ROFL. “Excuse me Are you Brahmin?” “Yes” “Gotra” “abcd” “Ohh yes let us love each other”.

And the main problem is that you cannot confirm these observations with elements of the same variable and confined to the domain:Bihar. And these are not things that we are ashamed of. As being different is not an offense.

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I have encountered a lot of proverbs in my life. They are stack of words piled up in some logical way said by great persons that have proved inspirational to many, have changed life of others in revolutionary way, have motivated a lot even to do task, which when put to thought initially is next to impossible. But for me they were just words which have meaning but not metaphorical implications in my life. The sole reason was the maturity from my side to realize their importance. I was casual in my approach on how I look life. It was just fairy tale where everything is perfectly fine and, if not, there is some wizard that will just wave his wand and everything is back in position.

But as we go into the next quarter of our life and witness the real world, it feels as if someone wakes you up by pouring water over you. The fairy is gone, magic wand is missing and now you are left to wander like the lone struggler. And the transition of breaking the shackle of the comfort of the cozy environment in which we are put into from childhood and to enter into harsh reality is not an easy task for many. We were so into the habit of enjoying the spring that the idea of summer never came up into our minds. Contrary to the process that has to be gradual the season changes dramatically and adaptation does not come out naturally.

With few people who were and will be feed with golden spoon, everyone from past and present had to go through the same zone of reality. Those who came out like hero ,who have made this reality a lesson to be learnt , who were not the victim but a silent observer summarized this harsh and complex looking reality into the words of great importance. The first lesson to be learnt is to understand the meaning of words along with the situation of the great persons that have compelled him or her to come up with such proverbs.

“Truth is stranger than fiction” a phrase which everyone has encountered at least once in their life either through novels or movies or through your parents who have uttered those lines in their one of the never-ending lectures to transform you from something to something better. But as many of the things that we witness and choose to ignore, it never provokes us to introspect ourselves and analyze the subtle summary that these lines are having for the upcoming reality. Lots of observations come to the conclusion that we tend to remain in some zone of comfort and create a hypothetical boundary and make a rule for ourselves that platform on which we are standing is the start and the boundary is the end. We choose to ignore even if we are put into situations where rules of that hypothetical world betray us and put us in trouble.”Ignorance is bliss” becomes a philosophy and within the limitations of this philosophy we want to spend the rest of our lives.

The solution is simple: accept the fact from start and assimilate it as a part of character. The role has to be distributed for this change. Parents are the essential and most important part. Transformation takes time and is not an easy task to do but once done it proves to be good for individual and society as a whole.

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